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About Terrariums

True indoor gardens

Terrarii automatizate

When passion for beauty and flower arrangement expertise blend together, the result can only be extraordinary.

Designed to recreate nature in fine detail, Touch Ecosystem Nature Design ,Touch Design Terrariums , are genuine “islands of nature” or indoor gardens which can enhance any type of space by offering a truly spectacular effect through low-maintenance, live and evolving plants.


Touch Design Terrariums are microclimates of tropical plants and small-scale faithful replicas of whole ecosystems (from the plants which grow in a microclimate similar to the natural one to the other natural elements which harmonize with the microclimate and make it possible for plants to evolve as in their natural habitat).

Every detail is considered and carefully implemented by the Design & Production team.

Humidity control by means of an automated irrigation system0%

Automatic lighting system which simulates the day/night cycle0%

Minimum level of maintenance0%