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Our products

Types of terrariums we can build, tailored to fit each space

Terarii de mari dimensiuni

No maintenance needed

Touch Design terrariums are fully automated microclimates of tropical plants, which do not need maintenance.

Automated irrigation system

Touch Design terrariums are equipped with a fully automated irrigation system.

Controlled lighting

Touch Design terrariums are equipped with an automatic lighting system which simulates the day/night cycle of plants.

Biophilic design

Touch Design terrariums are part of the modern concept of biophilia, and contribute to achieving enhanced performance and improved quality of daily life.

Terrarium with live tropical plants and two glass panels – partition wall


The terrarium with two glass panels easily integrates in the interior design as a partition wall between two areas (living room/kitchen, open space offices, open space bistros, restaurants and cafés, bathroom area with washbasin/shower).

It is deemed to be a large-size showcase.

Terariu de mari dimensiuni

Terrarium with live tropical plants and four glass panels – a design centrepiece


The terrarium with four glass panels easily integrates in the interior design as a stand-alone piece.

The shape of the product can vary (cube, parallelepiped, hexagon) and it can be placed in a living room, lobby, restaurant, or even in a hall as a decoration.

It can also decorate the bedroom or the living room as its dimensions can be adjusted to fit such spaces.

Terarii imperiul leilor pro tv

Terrarium with live tropical plants – wall decoration


This terrarium easily integrates in the interior design as a wall decoration. The existing wall can be overlaid with the terrarium.
The terrarium has three glass panels and its shape and size can vary. It can even decorate the corner of a room as a glass wall.

perete viu decorativ

Large-size terrarium for reptiles – construction, reptile selection and training


The terrariums for reptiles are built as replicas of the natural habitat of each reptile species.

The dimensions can vary from 1 metre to 15 metres long. These are the largest terrariums for reptiles built in Romania.

In addition to the terrarium construction, we provide consulting services for selecting the type of reptiles and their habitat, as well as specialised training for the staff taking care of the the reptiles.

terarii, vivarii reptile

Terrarium versus Vivarium versus Paludariums


If it were to follow the definition of a terrarium – ♦An enclosure for keeping and observing small land animals (snakes, lizards etc.). ♦ Rocky soil especially arranged for plant growing \[ < fr., lat. terrarium, germ. Terrarium] – we can tell that the products currently sold as terrariums are in fact decorative pots.

Touch Design comes up with a unique concept in Romania – fully automated tech-fusion large-size terrariums with live plant microsystems. The tropical and exotic plants which grow in the terrariums’ ecosystem created by us benefit of a self-care system – automated irrigation from the water tank and automatic lighting.

Terrariums are a spectacular way to bring nature indoor, be it a house, an office space or a showroom. They are genuine vertical indoor gardens or islands of nature. Large-size terrariums are also ideal homes for reptiles and amphibians and can be placed not only in residential spaces, but also in museums or zoos.

Terrariums and vivariums might look the same, but the main difference between them is that terrariums are especially created for live plants, while vivariums for insects, reptiles and amphibians. Terrariums replicate natural environmental processes, whereas vivariums use artificial elements and technology. Terrariums are generally vegetal environments sealed in large glass containers.

Vivariums often use pumps, filters and external lightning sources to obtain the appropriate living conditions for reptiles. Vivariums can be easily designed as compared to terrariums. Vivariums plants will often be grouped into the following categories: “foreground plants” and “carpeting plants”. In practice, this setting can be adapted for a large terrarium too.

Paludarium is an ecosystem containing both soil and water. It combines diverse plants, fish and humidity loving animals in the most harmonious way. A paludarium seems to be a uniform compromise between an aquarium and a vivarium.

We invite you to see how the terrariums, vivariums and paludariums created by Touch Design team look like in real life, so please visit:

  • Dino Parc, Rasnov – where we built the largest reptile terrarium in Romania. The terrarium is 15m long, 3m tall and 1.5m deep. We recreated the natural habitat of two reptile species (the Green Iguana and the Chinese Water Dragon). The terrarium is fully automated and provides digital monitoring of the environmental conditions (humidity/temperature).
  • AWE Bucharest – the terrarium presented in the TV show “Imperiul Leilor” is displayed here. This terrarium can perfectly decorate any type of space (home, office or restaurant). It is medium-sized (1,6m long, 2.2m tall and 80cm deep) and is supplied by an independent water source, a 10 liter water tank.
  • “Piatra Online” Showroom Bucharest – where you can admire an 80cm long, 2.4m tall and 60cm deep terrarium.
Terarii vitrina cafenea
terarrium cu 4 pereti de sticla
pereti vii decorativi