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Every project we complete brings us closer to perfection and opens up new horizons. Being truly passionate about what we do, each of our projects must have:

  • Uniqueness

  • Modern technology

  • Customized solutions

  • Inspiration


Adrian Atinge is a horticultural engineer specialised in flower arrangement. He has studied terrariums for a long time and managed to create a unique tech-fusion product in which technology merges with nature.
Simona Atinge is specialised in sales and marketing and is constantly willing to address and meet the needs of the customers in a professional manner. We also collaborate with a team of experts, from architects to IT consultants, in order to develop premium products.

Perfect coordination with other teams

Most of the time, when building a terrarium, we work in close coordination with other independent teams. We are focused on teamwork because we are aware of the fact that a timely delivery depends on us working together. From design to finishing touches, when building a terrarium we keep in mind all parameters and make sure we deliver on time.


In addition to the creative part, our team’s prime focus is the creation of a sustainable terrarium. From selecting the plants to choosing the most suitable technology, we aim to keep the product sustainability our main focus. Moreover, the innovative app which allows remote tracking of relevant parameters ensures continuous monitoring of the indoor microclimate.

Guaranteed maintenance

The terrariums maintenance involves little intervention at reduced frequency (once a month or every two months). After the guarantee period had expired, the terrariums are appropriately maintained by our team (no external teams), which will keep under review the state of the plants inside the terrarium.