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The latest developments in our Touch Design workshops

Terrarium created by Touch Design, sold with 35,000 EUR at the Christmas Tree Festival


The project entitled “The Blue Planet” was prepared for architect Omid Ghannadi, to participate in the 20th edition of the Christmas Tree Festival and it was created to symbolize renaissance and life after this difficult and challenging year, affected by the pandemic.

At 2.2m tall, the terrarium includes live plants especially shipped from Colombia and a fully automated maintenance system (a water reservoir which automatically waters the plants, special lights to ensure the plants’ photosynthesis etc.)

It is distinctive not only because it features a unique concept, but also because it sends a powerful message through its creation process.

The creation process was completed by the entrepreneur Adrian Atinge from his home, after being confirmed positive with Covid-19 and placed in quarantine, right before the final touches and delivery to the event organizers.

Terrarii automatizate Touch Design

“Imperiul Leilor” – TV show:
Participating in “Imperiul Leilor” was a special experience.


Simona and Adrian Atinge presented a unique product in Romania – a fully automated terrarium with tropical plants.

Daniela Marișcu decided to invest in their idea the amount of EUR 100,000 for a stake of 30% in the business, and 10% after the initial investment is recovered.

adrian si simona atinge

An authentic Romanian concept which defeated Covid-19, to contribute to children’s education


The terrarium with exotic plants created by Touch Design, a Romanian company owned by the couple Simona and Adrian Atinge, was sold with 35,000 EUR in the “Christmas Trees Festival” charity event.

The large-size terrarium, which is a fully automated micro-system with live plants, is a unique concept in Romania and has determined Daniela Mariscu, entrepreneur and jury member of “Imperiul Leilor” TV show, to invest in Touch Design at the beginning of this year.

Plant microclimates – the new international trend in interior design for 2019, now available for the first time in Romania


Designed to recreate nature in fine detail, plant microclimates are genuine “islands of nature” which can enhance any type of space by offering a truly spectacular effect through live and evolving plants.

Plant microclimates are small-scale faithful replicas of whole ecosystems (from the plants which grow in a microclimate similar to the natural one to the other natural elements which harmonize with the microclimate and make it possible for plants to evolve as in their natural habitat).

terarii plante tropicale