Large-size terrarium for reptiles
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Large-size terrarium for reptiles

terarii, vivarii reptile

No maintenance needed

Touch Design terrariums are fully automated microclimates of tropical plants, which do not need maintenance.

Automated irrigation system

Touch Design terrariums are equipped with a fully automated irrigation system.

Controlled lighting

Touch Design terrariums are equipped with an automatic lighting system which simulates the day/night cycle of plants.

Biophilic design

Touch Design terrariums are part of the modern concept of biophilia, and contribute to achieving enhanced performance and improved quality of daily life.

Large-size terrarium for reptiles – construction, reptile selection and training


The terrariums for reptiles are built as replicas of the natural habitat of each reptile species. These are the largest terrariums for reptiles built in Romania.

In addition to the terrarium construction, we provide consulting services for selecting the type of reptiles and their habitat, as well as specialised training for the staff taking care of the the reptiles.


Its advantages:

  • We use state-of-the-art technology and professional skills.
  • The terrariums are fully automated and equipped with lighting and heating systems to ensure humidity control, systems which automatically switch on and off.
  • The habitat includes dedicated areas specific to each species (warm/cold).
  • The climatic conditions inside the terrarium are automatically adjusted to ensure the variations in temperature/humidity specific to daytime and nighttime.
  • Where necessary, the terrariums include automatically supplied water tanks.
  • Monitoring temperature/humidity parameters can be made in real-time by using a smartphone or laptop application

terarii, vivarii reptile



Reptile Terrarium – 15 meters long – Dino Parc, Rasnov


We built the largest reptile terrarium in Romania at Dino Parc, Rasnov. The terrarium is 15m long, 3m tall and 1.5m deep. We recreated the natural habitat of two reptile species (the Green Iguana and the Chinese Water Dragon). The terrarium is fully automated and provides digital monitoring of the environmental conditions (humidity/temperature).


Terrarium for small-sized reptiles – Dino Parc, Rasnov


At Dino Parc, we also built several terrariums for various small-sized reptiles (chameleon, agama, gecko, hydrosaurus weberi). These terrariums feature the following sizes: 1m long, 1m tall and 0.9m deep, they are fully automated and provide digital monitoring of the environmental conditions (humidity/temperature).

terarii, vivarii reptile
terariu reptile