Terrarium with tropical plants and two glass panels
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Terrarium with live tropical plants and two glass panels

No maintenance needed

Touch Design terrariums are fully automated microclimates of tropical plants, which do not need maintenance.

Automated irrigation system

Touch Design terrariums are equipped with a fully automated irrigation system.

Controlled lighting

Touch Design terrariums are equipped with an automatic lighting system which simulates the day/night cycle of plants.

Biophilic design

Touch Design terrariums are part of the modern concept of biophilia, and contribute to achieving enhanced performance and improved quality of daily life.

Terrarium with live tropical plants and two glass panels – partition wall


The terrarium with two glass panels easily integrates in the interior design as a partition wall between two areas (living room/kitchen, open space offices, open space bistros, restaurants and cafés, bathroom area with washbasin/shower).
It is deemed to be a large-size showcase.


Its advantages:

  • The terrarium green area can be admired from both sides.
  • The indoor tropical oasis can help improve well-being, relaxation and productivity.
  • The tropical plants are natural, live, evolving and blooming.
  • The glass panels provide visual communication between the two areas.
  • Irrigation is automatic and the terrarium can be connected to the water main or supplied independently from a water reservoir.
  • The terrarium can be placed in confined spaces, without natural light.
  • The terrarium is fully automated and it only needs to be connected to the mains power source.
  • It can be built in different sizes, tailored to fit the desired space.
  • It does not require frequent maintenance.

Terariu de mari dimensiuni

A tech-fusion terrarium used as a partition wall – A unique concept in Romania!


There is no doubt that the tropical ferns green color and the exotic flowers bright colors can add a whole new dimension to any space. This luxurious natural oasis will boost its owners well-being, relaxation and productivity, not to mention that its spectacular aesthetic appearance is totally instagramable.


The completion of such a terrarium needs great team work. First of all, there is the need for thorough knowledge of plants, as well as great respect for nature in order to understand its subtle mechanisms and to replicate them in terrariums which can vary in size from 50 liters up to several thousand liters. During the design step, the Touch Design team also uses its interior architecture skills. Because our goal is to deliver a sustainable terrarium, we remotely monitor all relevant parameters of the microclimate by using a specific app. We also take care of the maintenance process.

Terariu tip Perete Despartitor Decorativ